Got Problems? People can't find you? Find you for the wrong reasons?

We have solutions:

Medical group with a cutting edge high rate of success surgery needed patients to keep their 5 state clinics busy. We bring in qualified customers with emailed copies of MRIs. Where do their customers find them? Through the Internet, blogs, search engines, and positive information about the clinic of doctors. Patients always go to the search engines for medical advice, opinions, and to find help!

New promising cancer treatment needed funding, investors, and help getting through clinical trials. Raising money for promising new treatments to save money, lives, and give back quality of life through the Internet Search Engine Marketing and Revenue generation.

Attorney group handling specific area of law wanted greater reach to handle every county in one particular state. We moved to top rankings on every single county. Now anyone in the state looking for help with a case, finds the lawyers site first. Do you think your phone doesn't ring? Are you on page 1 or 2 of Google? Not like they have thier Yellow Page phone book in the car. If they have a Yellow Page phonebook in the house, chances are the kids are sitting on it!

New launch of multiple sites to do business in Costa Rica, from cosmetic surgery to retirement real estate or nursing care. We flooded the 800 number with call ins, within 18 months, the owner retired in Costa Rica. You just have to love this new laptop and a VOIP no toll phone at the beach in Costa Rica ringing to a USA number.

Auto repair shop bought two new shops in a large geographic area, we set up to give each shop presence on the web and customers.  100 calls per day, no email. You do not have to be on line to get customers & revenues, most customers look up on their mobile phone on a search string, click, and call. (Depends on your business model.)

Hobbyists that want to turn their hobby into an on line career and way of life.

Internet instead of Litigation or massive expenditures of marketing, everyone checks everything out first on a search engine via phone or computer.

We had a disreputable dealer of air conditioners following 9 months of no sevice resolution, offer only to sue him in court. Instead of a long drawn out legal battle,  for the cost of a few hours with a lawyer, the topic was placed on the internet. Within a couple of weeks the national brand manufacturer that made the air conditioner sent out a top specialist and corrected the install issues on the new system, saving the customer thousands. No court costs.  And we might add, Saving thousands to unknowing customers that Google the disreputable installer before purchase. If you have a message to tell we can get it heard!

Your company has used word of month for years and now all your new customers make use of the internet word of mouth to find you!

We moved a buyer and distributor of Organic Produce to top rankings. Sellers across the country and buyers moved them from pencil and paper to on line, insuring the multi-million dollar business will pass on to the next generation.

Pricing starts as low as $750 per site with a $50 per site monthly monitoring to insure rankings on the new information is ranking above the negative information.

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